The Jordan Law Firm covers all types of criminal, DUI, and traffic cases and this includes cases where a person is charged with Retail Theft.  Retail theft (shoplifting) is a common crime that can start somewhat innocently, like the proverbial child stealing a candy bar. Unfortunately, it can often escalate and retail theft is a major problem in the U.S.

If you’ve been accused of retail theft in Chicago, attorney Anisa Jordan can help. She’s served both prosecution and defense on criminal cases. This means she often knows what’s coming in your case.

Like other criminal issues, there are several levels of retail theft. It does matter if you are a minor, or an adult. It also matters how many previous offenses you have had.

There is hope in your case. You should consider hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer to get the best outcome possible. You have only one life, one record. So although it costs a bit more to hire a serious professional lawyer who knows the Chicago court system, your life is worth it.

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