Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

If you just received a DUI or a speeding ticket, you might feel that you are between a rock and a hard place – you know you need solid legal representation to win your case or lessen your consequences. However, you might not have the means to hire an attorney.

However, the cost of not hiring a lawyer can be even higher, and have more personal effect on your life - fines, license suspensions and even jail time. These can stay on your record and give you problems for years on job applications, loan applications and more.

Not having an experienced lawyer can result in more serious penalties, and having a court appointed lawyer is not always going to get you exactly where you need to be. Many court-appointed lawyers have large caseloads and do not necessarily have the time to give you the personalized attention that you need.  This is not the case at The Jordan Law Firm.  Attorney Anisa Jordan treats all her clients as individuals.  One satisfied client recently commented on The Jordan Law Firm google business page that they felt as though they were Anisa Jordan’s only client.

Not having a lawyer at all when you go to court can dramatically alter your circumstances. Most people who go into court without a lawyer don’t know what they are getting themselves into - they don’t know the full law, previous similar comparable cases, etc. If you decide to represent yourself, you will be expected to know the law and the rules of evidence.  You will find yourself up against an experienced prosecutor and you will not be given a break because you are not a lawyer. 

Attorney Anisa Jordan of The Jordan Law Firm is nothing short of diligent, knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to taking charge in the courtroom. As a former prosecutor she has litigated hundreds of cases and stood before numerous judges as an aggressive, yet professional trial attorney.  Contact The Jordan Law Firm today to schedule your free consultation.