Unforeseen Consequences of a DUI

We all know that a DUI has immediate consequences. There’s the fine you’ll have to pay, the potential for imprisonment, suspension or revocation of your driver’s license and dealing with the legal process of sorting it all out. It can be really difficult to deal with a DUI in the immediate time afterward, but what about in the future? How will a DUI affect your life months and years after your arrest?

Long term there will be some hurdles to overcome after a DUI. For example, although some license suspensions can be somewhat brief, there is a chance that you can lose your license permanently. Losing your driver’s license limits your ability to get around for personal needs, and it could also affect your ability to get to work or tend to other responsibilities. Though losing your license may seem like the lightest of your punishments, over time it can begin to have a serious impact.

Further affecting your work, a DUI in your background check could impact your ability to get certain jobs. Whether driving is part of the job description or the company has a policy against hiring candidates with a DUI on their record, seeking work could become difficult in the future. Although you may think the fines and legal fees are all you have to pay for, there’s also the likelihood that your insurance rates increase as a result of your arrest. Some insurance companies will raise your rate, while others may decide to terminate their relationship with you altogether. Whichever the case, it’ll be something you need to face going forward.

The consequences of being arrested for a DUI are real, both short and long term. This is why it is imperative to seek legal representation to help you sort through all potential issues you’ll face following a DUI. The Jordan Law Firm, has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to help you navigate the process and ensure the best possible result.