The Jordan Law Firm Goes the Extra Mile

How much do attorneys care about their clients? At The Jordan Law Firm it’s all about going the extra mile.  Attorney Anisa Jordan asks the questions that others won’t. Here’s a great example.

Early in 2017 the firm had a client charged with both Aggravated Speeding and Reckless Driving; both offenses carrying a maximum of 1 year in jail.  Because of the client’s background and the specifics of the client’s traffic tickets, the client was eligible for supervision.  Normally, this is a great sentence in Illinois as it not considered a conviction.  Turns out that though the client received the ticket in Illinois, the client was from a different state.  Attorney Anisa Jordan’s experience in traffic and criminal law has taught her that when considering different states, you must also consider there may be different laws in that state.

So, Attorney Jordan got on the phone trail, calling the proper authorities in the client’s home state. This isn’t easy. It’s taxing and takes time and thoughtful navigation to talk to the right party. However, The Jordan Law Firm cares about clients and if there’s a chance of reducing their penalties, fines and consequences, Attorney Anisa Jordan will go the extra mile.

After a half day on the phone, Attorney Jordan discovered that the client’s home state law on the traffic matter indeed was different.  Had we simply plead the client to the charges in Illinois the client would have lost their driving privilege in their home state.  Armed with her research from the client’s home state, The Jordan Law Firm was able to obtain a disposition where the client was able to keep their driving privileges and quickly put the situation behind them. 

This is just one example of something The Jordan Law Firm does every day for the clients who rely on Attorney Jordan to give them a diligent and passionate defense.  Attorney Jordan considers multiple sources, knows Illinois law, and will do everything possible to give you the best outcome in your case.

If you or someone you know needs to speak with an experiencedtraffic, DUI, Driver’s License or other criminal defense attorney in the Chicago area, we invite you to contact attorney Anisa Jordan at The Jordan Law Firm for a free consultation at (312) 380-9221.