Tackling Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets can be an unforeseen burden for drivers everywhere. In Illinois, traffic tickets fines, court costs, and surcharges vary by violation and location and may additionally cost you points on your driving record. In the worst cases, you could have your license suspended or revoked all together, making life difficult for anyone who needs to commute. Although traffic tickets can be tough to tackle, having The Jordan Law Firm by your side will help you to sort your options and know your rights.

Remember, getting a traffic ticket doesn’t just mean you can pay a fine and forget about the whole thing. Traffic tickets can affect your auto insurance, can prevent you from parking and living in your community, and, in serious cases like a DUI, can hinder you from finding employment. But with a little help, you can make sure that your recent ticket bears the least consequences possible by hiring an experienced, knowledgeable attorney familiar with all Illinois traffic laws.

The worst part about getting a traffic ticket is not knowing what’s next. Can you drive the next day? How much will the total costs be? Can you dispute the violation? If so, how? Whether you want to be sure the least amount of points is issued to your license, want to dispute the violation in court, or are unsure about the necessity of traffic school, The Jordan Law Firm can help. The kind of experience we bring to the table means that you’ll get the best advice possible and that we’ll do everything we can to help you beat a ticket or avoid serious consequences.

Whatever your situation, we’re here to make sure you know all your options. Get the process started with a free consultation today and let us work with you to get to the best outcome possible.