Rules of the Road

For many of us, it’s been years, maybe even decades, since we were first issued our driver’s license. Though we might remember some of what we learned when preparing to take our first driving test, most of us depend on practice and general experience to guide us through every day traffic. Unfortunately, that’s not always enough to keep drivers in Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, and Rolling Meadows free from violations. While The Jordan Law Firm is there whenever you need help dealing with a traffic ticket, it’s also helpful to be proactive by refreshing your memory on Illinois traffic rules and regulations.

Your License

First, if you’re looking to get a new license you should be aware that the process for issuance has changed in order to meet federal standards for boarding airplanes and preventing identity theft. No longer can you get your license the day you renew or apply; instead you’ll be issued a temporary paper document which is valid for 45 days, with your license being sent to you via mail. This is especially important for those making a permanent move to Illinois, as out-of-state licenses are only valid for 90 days after moving.

Distracted Driving

These days, drivers are faced with a variety of distractions, from high-tech music players to navigation systems and cell phones. According to Illinois law, drivers are prohibited from using handheld cellphones, texting, or using other electronic communications while operating a motor vehicle, with hands-free or Bluetooth technology only allowed for drivers ages 19 and older. The only time you can use a cellphone that is not hands-free is to report an emergency, while parked on the shoulder, or when stopped in traffic with the car in park or neutral. A crash resulting from distracted driving could mean criminal penalties and incarceration.

Special Stops

It may not happen often, but there are times where drivers need to come to a complete stop in recognition of special circumstances, and failure to adhere could be costly. For instance, you may know that you need to stop for loading or unloading school busses, but you may not know that the penalty for illegally passing a stopped school bus is a three-month license suspension.

If any of these facts caught you by surprise, it may be time to study up and re-learn some regulations from the official Illinois Rules of the Road document. But if you’re unclear about your rights as a driver, are facing a tough traffic ticket, or just want general consultation, be sure to give The Jordan Law Firm a call!