Do Lawyers Care About their Clients?

Let’s face it, lawyers are the butt of many jokes. It’s OK. We understand – it’s fair game. It’s not easy – especially for defense lawyers – doing the unbiased, objective job that they have sworn to do. It can be an emotional ride. But, similar to doctors and counselors, lawyers do have to learn to step back and look at each case in a measured, professional manner.

With that professionalism understood, we at the Jordan Law Firm still take our clients very seriously. We empathize with their situations. Most calls we receive are from people in a tough situation. We try to imagine it being our family or friend. After all, the person on the other end of our first phone call together is indeed a person that is loved and needed by others. If they end up with minor legal troubles, like fines, to something larger – loss of driver’s license, or even jail time, it affects many people around them and changes their life forever. We do our best to remember this each day, and never let people become “numbers” or “cases.”

Taking this a step further, we believe everyone makes mistakes in their life, and that everyone deserves second chances. We know that each one of us fails, some just more public than others. Sometimes it’s an unfortunate circumstance that leads to legal issues.

Lastly, we believe each person deserves a fair hearing. Not everyone accused of a legal issue is guilty. Not all have substantial evidence against them. Our job is to state the case of our clients fairly and justly. We try for the best outcome possible and hope you’ll trust us with your case.

Anisa Jordan is a young, grounded attorney who cares for her clients. We think you’ll feel this when you first speak to her. Anisa listens to each person she speaks with to understand the whole situation. Our job at the Jordan Law Firm is to make sure your legal journey is one we share with you. You will never be just another “case” for us.