Could there be DUI Checkpoints in Wrigleyville?

Imagine local law enforcement stopping every car coming out of Wrigley Field after a Cubs playoff game, making drivers do sobriety tests. What do you think the percentage of DUI arrests would be? What would the ramifications be? This is an overwhelming thought, yet so is the number of intoxicated motorists after any sporting event, in any city.

According to a Chicago area police officer who has spent time patrolling on foot and on the road, police only have so much manpower. It’s physically impossible to crack down on motorists in this way. These things don’t happen because of the logistics of carrying out the expected results. Plus, in today’s intense cultural climate, the public outcry could also open up a can of worms that local government wouldn’t want to deal with.

The idea has been done before, though. According to an April 2013 New York Post article, police allegedly set up four checkpoints around Yankee Stadium to catch unsuspecting Yankees fans. The police in that instance didn’t admit the process targeted fans, but claimed it was a routine, everyday assignment.

Checkpoints would also create traffic issues in Wrigleyville especially. Streets are already filled with pedestrians, pub-crawlers and stop lights. Adding to that congestion would surely frustrate motorists, drunk and sober alike.

As deceiving as a checkpoint may seem, driving while intoxicated is a serious matter. Even beer commercials encourage people to drive sober or use a designated driver. Responsible citizens should consider cab rides home. A one-time effort like this by police might be enough to scare fans into being more responsible for an entire year. Doing something in April, as the New York police did, might be equivalent to the increased presence police have during post-season games.

In any case, it’s been a rare occurrence for police to do DUI checkpoints outside of major sporting events. Internet searches show it’s rarely publicized when it does happen, and police shy away from admitting the strategy.

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