Celebrate Responsibly on Halloween

Halloween is a night of fun and frights, but it an also can be a night on which things get out of control, mistakes are made, and the authorities get involved. Law enforcement officials often report seeing an increase in criminal activity on October 31st, and for this reason they are often on heightened alert at this time of the year. As cited in an article on Reolink.com, the following crimes happen more frequently on Halloween:

●      Burglary: There is a 26% increase of burglary on Halloween.

●      Violent crime: Incidents of violent crime are about 50% higher on Halloween’s Eve than on any other date during the year.

●      Car thefts: Thefts of motorcycles and cars increase by 20% the week of Halloween.

●      Car accidents: On Halloween, children between 5 and 14 years old are FOUR times more likely to be killed by a car than on any other day.

●      Clown attacks: Creepy tales of clowns have gripped America over the past two months, terrifying children and parents in about 39 states. These reports are more frequent during Halloween.

●      Shootings: Shootings have increased steadily over the years, and Halloween of 2016 was deadliest Halloween weekend in Chicago that year with 17 people fatally shot.

(Source: Reolink.com)                 

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 Other Crimes Peak During Halloween Season

Many people are out and about on Halloween wearing costumes and wigs. For this reason, anyone looking to conceal him or herself while getting into trouble can do so much more easily than any other time of year. If someone commits a crime such as burglary or theft while wearing a costume or mask, it may be harder for law enforcement to locate and apprehend that person during Halloween.

Halloween is also a time when many people attend parties and consume alcohol. For this reason, incidents of intoxicated driving and DUI accidents increase at this time of the year. Vandalism and the destruction of property or cars are crimes that happen more frequently around this time. The authorities also warn that some seek to tamper with the candy of young trick or treaters, so parents should examine any candy children receive while trick or treating.

How to Avoid Being Arrested on Halloween 

Do not drink and drive. If you are attending a Halloween party, always have a designated driver drive you home if you plan on drinking. If you are arrested by law enforcement for drinking and driving, contact a criminal defense attorney right away to learn your legal options.

When putting together your Halloween costume, avoid incorporating any real or fake weapons, and do not impersonate police officers, as this may lead to confusion if confronted with actual police officers.

Get Legal Help

Halloween is supposed to be a night of revelry, but any celebration can take a turn in the blink of an eye. If you are arrested for committing a Halloween crime, contact The Jordan Law Firm right away for a free consultation. Attorney Anisa Jordan will examine your case thoroughly and create a strong defense for you.