Your Schaumburg DUI Lawyer

If you need a Schaumburg DUI lawyer, look no further than Anisa Jordan. Founder of the Jordan Law Firm, Anisa has handled hundreds of cases and helped many people through the difficult process of facing DUI charges in and around Schaumburg.

The consequences for DUI conviction in Illinois depend upon previous offenses. Penalties increase with each offense, and you may face jail time, fines or license suspension. Your driver’s license will be suspended for a minimum of six months, and you could face much tougher penalties if you caused damage in the act. These penalties are difficult enough on their own, not to mention the personal trials that come with DUI charges.

No matter your situation - if you refused DUI testing, took a breathalyzer test at the scene or police station, or even provided a blood or urine sample, Anisa Jordan can help.

A Caring Lawyer for your DUI Case

There’s no need to fight DUI charges alone. Attorney Anisa Jordan has years of experience handling DUI cases and can help you decide how to fight the charges and minimize potential penalties. 

Anisa will keep you updated throughout your DUI case, letting you know what to expect at each step. She has the experience to advise you, and will do everything she can to get you the best outcome.

Drivers’ License Reinstatement

The Jordan Law Firm also handles related cases for driver’s license reinstatement in Illinois. For example, we may be able to get a judicial driving permit so you can work and go to school.

Life after a DUI

Ultimately, The Jordan Law Firm wants clients to be able to learn and grow from their experiences dealing with a DUI or other traffic violation charge. But, more importantly, we want our clients to be able to move on with their lives on the best possible footing once the court proceedings are complete.

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Anisa Jordan of The Jordan Law Firm defends clients for DUI (driving under the influence) in Schaumburg and greater Chicagoland. If you’re facing DUI penalties and need help, contact Anisa Jordan for a free consultation today.