It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without a car until you don’t have access to one anymore because your driving privileges have been suspended or revoked.  Suddenly you find yourself not able to do things such as going to doctor’s appointments; driving the kids to school; getting to and from work; picking up groceries; dropping off a package at the post office; and many, many more daily activities essential to a productive life. 

Losing your driver’s license can be debilitating. No one wants to feel helpless and that they have to rely on others, but losing your driver’s license essentially does that to most people living in Arlington Heights, Rolling Meadows, Schaumburg and other Chicago suburbs.

Driver’s license cases

There are multiple reasons someone could lose their driver’s license; or, as the State of Illinois refers to it as, losing the privilege to drive. These include having too many traffic violations in a set period of time; causing a very serious crash; being charged with an alleged DUI; not having valid auto insurance; violating a key tenant of graduated driver’s licensing laws; and many more.

However, your fate is not necessarily set in stone if you have your driver’s license taken away. There are many gray areas in traffic law, and it is entirely possible that you have had your driver’s license revoked unlawfully.

I have many years of experience in traffic law, both as a prosecutor and defender. Having worked in both positions gives me unique insight as to how the prosecution will pursues its case against you.

If you have had your driver’s license revoked or suspended, let’s make absolutely sure that there wasn’t something that was missed about your case. This could include a traffic violation on your record that is without merit or mistakes in your case file or car insurance reporting.

When to act

I can also help those who are at risk of losing their driver’s license – but have not had it revoked or suspended yet – to understand their options and what corrective actions to take to place them in the best position possible to hold on to their license.

For example, if you have received two speeding or red-light tickets within a year’s time-span, one more ticket could result in the loss of your license in Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Rolling Meadows or other Chicago suburb. Based on the facts of your particular case, I can help you identify ways to get at least one ticket off your record and enter you into a probationary period by signing up for a traffic safety class.

Serving the greater Chicagoland area

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