Having a criminal record of any kind in Arlington Heights can feel like having the world stacked against you for the rest of your life.

That may be how it feels; and, in many ways, it’s the reality for many people with criminal records in Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Rolling Meadows and other Chicago suburbs. A criminal record can impact your life in the following ways, among many more:

  •  Limit your ability to go to school
  •  Prevent you from getting certain jobs
  •  Restrict access to certain licenses that other citizens can obtain
  • Require you to admit to a criminal record on many government forms
  •  Impact your ability to take out certain types of loans

Finding a path forward

Having your life impacted by a criminal record in so many ways can make it feel difficult – if not impossible – to achieve the life you had before you had a criminal record. Well, I’m here to tell you that it is possible to return to a normal life; you just need some guidance to get there.

If you work with me, I can help identify ways to seal to or expunge one or more of your criminal records. For example, after set periods of time, you may be eligible for the court to seal some or all criminal records in your public file – granted that you have a dedicated lawyer arguing this for you.

I can also help revisit with you the cases that resulted in your criminal record or records in the first place. I can help find out whether your previous legal representation missed anything with your case when it was first argued. It can be very challenging to have all or parts of a court case thrown out after it was already decided – which is why you need a lawyer as experienced as me working with you every step of the way.

Get your free consultation today

Don’t you feel it’s time to get a fresh start on your life? You have paid your debt to society by living with a criminal record this long – why suffer any further?

The Jordan Law Firm is based in Arlington Heights, IL. I serve Rolling Meadows, Schaumburg and other Northwestern suburbs, as well as have roots in the City of Chicago. Contact me for a free consultation today to find out your rights in having your criminal record sealed or expunged.