Criminal Lawyer in Chicago and the Chicagoland Area

There is perhaps nothing more disorienting than being arrested and taken into custody. From the arrest itself to the parade of police officers, court-assigned lawyers and confusing hearings, it’s no wonder many do not receive the best possible outcome they deserve.

Worse, being taken into custody can happen to completely innocent people. There could have been a simple misunderstanding; a case of mistaken identity; misconstrued behavior; a communication breakdown between a law-abiding citizen and a police officer; or numerous more unfortunate situations.

No matter how you ended up behind bars, having the help of an attorney who has been on many criminal cases is your best chance at receiving a desirable outcome.

Knowing your rights

Once you have been taken into custody, you must become very discrete in what you say and how you behave. When asked if you would like a court-appointed legal representative, you should ask to get your own lawyer – and then give The Jordan Law Firm a call.

Court-appointed lawyers are hardworking and dedicated practitioners of law, but hiring a seasoned lawyer such as Anisa Jordan is essential if you want a better chance to receive a favorable outcome.

Here’s why:

  • Court-appointed lawyers – Typically have large caseloads, making it difficult for them to spend adequate time on each and every client.
  • Anisa Jordan – A former prosecutor with experience on hundreds of cases. She knows the in and out of the criminal justice system and has the time and dedication to spend on your case. 

You are more than just another criminal case

Attorney Jordan also forms a special connection with her clients and treats them more than just another criminal case. If you choose Anisa Jordan as your lawyer for your criminal case, she will take time to explain to you what your strategy will be, what will happen in court during your case, and what tactics are in your best interest.

In a legal justice system that is far from perfect, having a compassionate, dedicated lawyer on your side can mean the difference between freedom and wrongful imprisonment. Do not allow yourself and your family to become victims of the system – fight back for your rights using the help of The Jordan Law Firm.

Get the help you need

If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with a crime, contact The Jordan Law Firm right away for a free consultation.